Turn on your team's sleeping resources

Incentivise your team to breathe at the natural and scientific pace to relax, sleep, and enhance the quality of its recovery. Two minutes at the time of digital sunset and you'll see the benefits in productivity, well-being, and employer branding.

Sleeping to perform

The gift that you refused to give your team

With the advent of remote working, Teams members are finding it increasingly difficult to slow down and fall asleep.[1].
Worse, they wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep.[2].
They are not alone: about seven out of ten Americans say they have trouble falling asleep[3]!

This therefore triggers a decline in productivity, well-being, and engagement which are fundamental to turn crisis into opportunities and reach your business goals.

The dreamcoins team has experienced this unpleasant experience firsthand, looked for its root cause and a simple, natural, and reliable solution to meet its desire to fall asleep easily and increase its productivity.

A root cause

The neurovegetative system of the human body connects head and body and is the key to our energy consumption and restoration during the sleep-wake cycle[4].

It consists of two sub-systems:

the red system, i.e. the orthosympathetic system (energy consumption, alertness)
the blue system, i.e. the parasympathetic system (energy saving, relaxation)

With the "always on" digital lifestyle, we became good at using the red system and less good at using the blue one, and at the end of the day the two systems don't work in tune anymore and out of balance...[5]

Heart coherence

The gift to regenerate your team's performance

Diaphragmatic breathing at the rate of six breaths per minute facilitates the activation of a neurophysiological process commonly called "heart coherence" which in turn facilitates the synchronization of the blue and red systems[6] and the process of falling asleep[7].

With dreamcoins you can incentivise your team to breathe at the natural and scientific pace to fall asleep and enter the boundless world of dreams.

1. Breathe for two minutes in the evening
2. Earn coins based on the variability of their heart rhythm
3. Donate the coins earned to charity or spend them to acquire wellness products and services


Awaken your creativity
Employer Branding

Incentivising your team to relax and enter the world of dreams is


Your team can use the service at the time and place they want.


The highest standards of security and privacy are applied.


You can measure quantify the use of the app.

You are getting a good deal

The value of a cardiobiofeedback session can range from €50 to €200 per session. With dreamcoins, offer your team the chance to train every night for only €5 per month.

What do they say about dreamcoins?

I use dreamcoins once a day before bed. I always wake up energetic and relaxed, after the exercise of just two minutes. It helps me to be more creative and full of energy. Using dreamcoins is very simple and effective. dreamcoins is always with me, even on the go, thanks to both the app and the YouTube channel.
Thanks to this app, my sleep has improved from night to night. It wasn't just about improving my breathing, it also improved my posture. Entering the deep sleep phase is crucial for a better quality of sleep!
The app is great. It's free and it helps me relax before I go to sleep. Since I started using it, my days have changed. Sleeping better allows me to wake up more charged. The App is easy to use, in two minutes I can relax completely and abandon myself in the arms of Morfeo.

You may be wondering...

The app is designed to facilitate relaxation and the process of falling asleep. You should use it at the time of the digital sunset (the time when you disconnect from your smartphone) to relax and enjoy the evening and a rejuvenating sleep.

The body and nervous system love regularity. For example, you can use the app three times a week at a specific time (e.g., at ten in the evening) to maximize its effectiveness.

They correspond to an indication of the level of heart coherence. The higher the better.

The number of coins earned depends on the evolution of heart rate variability and our level of heart coherence.

When we breathe at six breaths per minute and enter a state of heart coherence, our heartbeat oscillates like a pendulum. It accelerates when we inspire and slows down when we exhale.

The higher the oscillation, the more coins you earn.

Heart Rate Variability is measured via your smartphone's camera, without the need for an additional device, by placing your finger on the camera and soon with facial recognition.

> 20 coins per session: you are breathing well

> 30 coins per session: you are breathing very well.

> 50 coins per session: you are an expert

I's always best to start with an achievable goal (start with a target of 20 coins) and increase your goal gradually.

Consider the following suggestions:

(1) Breathe softly and gently (the rhythm and quality of breathing is more important than the amount of inspired and exhaled air).

(2) Breathe from the abdomen and not from the chest.

(3) Surrender to the experience. 

(4) Train regularly.

By doing so, you should earn more coins naturally every week.

For the moment, collect them patiently. Soon you will be able to use them to make donations to charities.

Four steps to turn on your team's sleeping resources

1. Request a quote for your Team
2. You will receive the quote within twenty-four hours
3. Decide the dates and budget
4. Launch the first campaign

Turn on your team's sleeping resources

Indulge yourself with the pleasure of falling asleep easily

Download dreamcoins. It's free.

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